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Monday 12/28/2020

10:18 PM

I slept most of the day today and now I've woken up from a long nap with a headache. I think I'm a little hangry too so I should make myself dinner and hopefully I'll feel better enough after that to tackle a load of dishes? I'm looking at this website right now:
What's That On Your Head?!- Odd Lolita Headwear
Because I've been seeing people post their favorite 2020 coords of the year and I'm actually thinking of drafting my own (to sew, I mean) because a friend of mine did the same thing during quarantine and it turned out so good! I want to make a headpiece because I think making headwear is really fun even though it's also reallly difficult... and I was thinking about making something with rabbit ears on it, maybe something very similar to this but with longer ears? I still have to draw up some ideas because I'm still not sure which direction I'd like to go with it.
Sweet classical, country, gothic, old school, something inspired by Elizabethan / early Victorian era clothing with puffy sleeves and a corset bodice? Here are some more inspo links for my own future reference: Old School Lolita Meet . Another Bunny Ears Bonnet . Different Lolita Styles
Now I guess I'm going to make some food, do some dishes, and put away some laundry, although I do wish I could surf the web all night. ciao!
(i'm so hungry for some pizza right now!)

Sunday 12/27/2020

12:58 AM

It's pretty late right now and I have to get up early to clean my apartment, but I wanted to jot down some thoughts before that! Firstly, and I guess most importantly, I am really happy with how my site is coming along. Coding is a whole new realm of stuff I'm diving into that I've never done before, and it's pretty rewarding if not VERY challenging, lol. I like that I can make something artistic in the front but puzzling and smart in the back (okay so maybe coding isn't the hardest thing ever but it makes me feel smart). It's a lot of Googling and copy & pasting so far!! But I'm getting there, and I feel like I'm learning and quite possibly on my way to... the perfect finished website??? That's gonna take a while. I have a cool layout imagined for this that I'm not sure I can even accomplish with just HTML and CSS. But what I really like about this (and old web design in general?) is that I feel like it doesn't have to look amazing, or even professional. It can just be a collage of my words and stuff I like. I mean, just look at this page for example. And I put together myself!! That's so fun and more personal than social media but at the same time like, myssterious. I already get the appeal. Anyways, I really want to write out some more musings on anonymity and personal pages on free web hosting sites but for now I'm gonna cap it 'cause I really have to sleep. bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao

Friday 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas!

currently listening to: the Silver and Gold album by Sufjan Stevens
Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate! I woke up this morning and immediately stepped out onto my balcony to smoke the second half of a menthol cigarette I'd left in my ashtray. Now I'm alternating between drinking honey citron tea (site namesake) and pumpkin spice eggnog (diluted with coconut milk because it is grossly boozy). That, and I'm working on   -ˏˋhoney citron!ˊˎ-   (the site this time) obviously, because here I am. And I'm listening to this 3 hour album, which according to Spotify is like 5 discs long? Wild. I want shrimp shumai for breakfast but I think I gotta finish off the fritatta I made earlier this week first. I'm going to spoil myself with sushi dinner tonight though! I'm spending today (and the holidays in general) alone, not just because of COVID-19 but also because I work a lot and I only get today off. But I feel alright about it. I didn't for a couple days, but then last night I watched those old claymation Christmas movies The Little Drummer Boy ('68) and The Year Without a Santa Claus ('74) with my friends over Zoom and it made me feel better. We all work full-time and haven't seen each other at all for at least a month now I think, 'cause when it got colder outside and COVID cases spiked again, we stopped going out to the tennis courts to roller skate / skateboard / hoop. They're spending Christmas alone too, so we actually might meet up briefly to exchange cookies later today or something. I still have to make cookies! My friend A. gave me a recipe for some pumpkin sugar cookies that I have yet to make, but I have all the ingredients for! Need to do the dishes for that, though. Yes, it's Christmas and yes, I still have a lot of stuff to do... I'm thinking about taking a nap first.
ok, ciao, ttyl!