10.8.23 @ 10:35AM

6.5.22 @ 7:04PM
it's like one of those closets where you open the door and everything falls out of it

5.31.22 @ 11:00PM

5.25.22 @ 11:41PM
- well, on that note, goodnight, try not to think about ~impending doom~
- yeah, imma watch the L word...

5.23.22 @ 11:43PM
(talkin' bout swimming in a quarry with old equipment sunken at the bottom)
- wow, that must be dangerous! well, unless it's so deep
- (incredibly eery eye contact) yeah, people do drown there... from time to time :)

5.23.22 @ 11:38PM

5.21.22 @ 11:46AM
*holding one glass of milk & one glass of water* shot, chaser

5.21.22 @ 9:53AM