I've started doing tarot readings for myself as a way to memorize the cards and to generally start getting into the practice!
This page will serve as a journal for my notes and reflections of the readings I do for myself (and sometimes other people, too).

I use the Swiss 1JJ deck so my cards look different from the Smith-Waite deck that many are used to seeing.
I only have people on the Major Arcana cards and of course knight, queen, and king cards!
I also do not use reverse meanings at this point in my tarot practice, but I like to note when the cards are reversed anyways : )

How can I bring motivation & creativity back into my life & art practice?

First Impression:

Past is a dense knot of wands. It almost feels like a cage, suffocating. My past conflict with making art & general inner turmoil. Present, the horse looks scared of whatever is in front of him, but the kinght is distracted by the cup. Like maybe I'm distracting myself from my art practice in order to avoid the trials & fear of starting again. Both internal avoidance and confrontation of the problem. Future is presenting the coin. Looking to it for inspiration? Showing it off? Both the knight & page are wearing tunics with caps & feathers. Growth from the journey or exhaustion?

More Research:

10 of Wands

Burn out! Burden / overburdened, feeling obligated, fun & spontaneity gone, uphill struggle, end in sight

Knight of Cups

Upright didn't really resonate. Romantic proposals but also general proposals & offers, gentleness, affection & warmth, take action / follow your heart, grace under pressure, negotiation / mediation, inspired by creative outlets!
"You have dreamed about what it is you want to create and now are moving forward with this dream to make it a reality. It may be an art project or something you feel ‘called’ to do, based on your emotions, imagination and intuition. Be open to exploring your passions and your big ideas. You may find yourself drawn to a particular passion or hobby and now is the time to turn it into ‘something.’ While you are in no hurry to reach the finish line, keep in mind that true imagination feeds on action; if you do nothing with your dreams, they will remain just that – dreams and not reality."
Note: "most feminine" knight? The knight is a bringer of ideas, a dreamer who can be easily persuaded or discouraged.

Page of Coins

Good news in earthly matters, solid beginnings, goal-setting, developing a plan, taking advantage of opportunities, jumping in, consistency, excellent prospects, ambitions, excelling in / seeking education / tra training, laying the foundation for future success!! Acheiving long term goals!
Pages bring welcome messages for new beginnings, inspiration, & the initial stages of a creative project / venture.

The thread of these cards is GROWTH. Even the knight & page look like the same man grown up.

Reflection: Wow. I feel like my intuition was so strong with that reading. I feel so... replenished? Hopeful? I'm putting the Page of Coins in my bowl of abundance for extra blessings. I feel like the knight was the hardest for me to figure out because it was saying a lot of stuff about romance & also