I have 60 days left of the year, so let's see how my NYE Resolutions have been going!

1. Read 4 non-fiction books:
Started Disability Visability, Lily Dale, Crying in H-Mart, and Braiding Sweetgrass but have yet to finish ANY!

2. Participate in the 90 Day Accountability Challenge: the challenge didn't actually happen this year!!

3. Save up money in my savings account: I really did not do this as much as I had planned! Setting a goal now to save at least $300 by the end of the year.

4. Record and release 2 song covers on BandCamp: None so far but I did just talk with a friend about doing this still!

5. Complete my Neocities homepage: I DID THIS ONE!! :D

6. Journal once a week on my days off: I was pretty good about this at the beginning of the year but I am not doing it now.

7. Make a garment I like: I am currently making puppet garments that I like almost every day so YES, I am counting this one!

8. Get ADHD / OCD help from a doctor: I got help from a professional organizer and am currently seeking help from a new specialized therapist!

9. Go on 2 hikes in 2 different states: I am going hiking very soon in another state, and also want to ask some friends to go bird watching with me in another, so I expect this will be complete by the end of the year!

10. Do a 5 minute meditation once a week: NO! :O I don't know if I even tried to do this haha, I don't know if traditional meditation works for me and need to find an alternative or meditation strategy for neurodivergent people.

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